Middle School Band

The Middle School Band program at Bennington Middle School is composed of three ensembles: 6th Grade Band, 7th Grade Band, and 8th Grade Band.


Band is a one year course. You must have previous experience in instrumental music, or permission from the director to enroll.  Transfer students must have a placement hearing in order to determine the proper seating for that student.


Students will work to prepare appropriate literature for a Winter Concert and a Spring Concert.  Students will be exposed to many different genres that will increase their knowledge of music and technical fundamentals.  During the concert season, students will have playing checks and equipment checks to make certain that all members are improving.  This is a type of formative assessment to determine which students should receive more musical attention.


As a member of band, students are eligible to audition for 8th Grade All-State, Wayne State Honor Band, Blair Honor Band, 6th Grade Honor Band, and participate in Solo/Ensemble activities.  Students are highly encouraged to participate and audition in these activities to improve the overall band.  If a student is interested in these extra-curricular band activities, they should seek private instruction and can access a list of instructors here.