Extra-Curricular Band Activities

All members of the band are eligible and highly encouraged to participate in extra-curricular band activities.  These activities include All-State Band/Orchestra, Honor Bands, and Solos/Ensembles.  By preparing for these opportunities, students develop individual musicianship that can transfer to the overall band program.  The more students participating results in a better band!


If students are interested in trying out for All-State Band/Orchestra or 8th Grade All-State, they will be expected to prepare through the summer for their audition early in the first quarter of school.  Students will also be expected to work with a private instructor on a regular basis.  A list of instructors can be found here.  Please let Mr. Fonda know if you need any help establishing a connection with instructors.  These instructors will work with students to have a commanding knowledge of all scales and etudes, which can be found here. 


Students will also have an opportunity to try out for Wesleyan Honor Band (HS), Wayne State Honor Band (HS and MS) or Blair Honor Band (MS).  These students will be expected to prepare through the summer on audition material and to know their major scales.  Information about the Honor Bands will come through the Badger Bulletin.


Another exciting extra-curricular opportunity is to participate in a solo or ensemble during second semester.  When a student works individually on a piece of music, their musicianship improves greatly!  Personal strengths and weaknesses can be discovered, which helps foster greater musical growth.  Students can also work in small ensembles on similar instruments.  This helps students listen and identify different playing characteristics and how to get the best sound with different people.  Students will have the opportunity to perform and receive a clinic at our Bennington Solo Day in April. These students are also expected to be working regularly with a private instructor or Mr. Fonda to best prepare for performance.